003 IVGM – Tim Shiel, Nay – Duet

InsideVGM-150In this episode, I talk with Tim Shiel, a composer from Melbourne Australia who wrote the Duet soundtrack. We talk about his song Nay.

In my interview with Tim Shiel, we cover the following:

  • His musical background playing grunge music in high school, and then releasing music under the name Faux Pas
  • How he toured with Gotye in 2011 and 2012 for the Making Mirrors tour
  • The five-minute video of Gotye and Tim made by Abelton about how they used the software during live shows
  • His radio show Something More on Double JTim Shiel
  • How he went from wanting to get into game music to getting the Duet soundtrack gig
  • Inspired by Indie Game: The Movie and Jim Guthrie’s story which led to meeting the folks from Kumobius
  • The Duet game, and how it appeals to hard-core gamers and to casual gamers
  • Tim made a lot of Duet sounds on the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering
  • He uses a Nord Stage 2 as his MIDI controller as well as use the Nord sound library
  • The music for Duet is laid-back “atmospheric” dance music. Tim talks about getting it to fit into the game, to sound decent on an iPhone speaker but great on headphones, and to stand alone as a soundtrack album
  • Tim talks about making the loops long (three to five minutes) with different sections
  • I briefly talk about the form of Nay. After having the “A” note in the bass for the whole song, near the end there is two measures of F and two measures of G before returning to A. Tim talks about the tension-release
  • I then played “Nay”
  • Tim talks about the “rewind” sounds that play when your red or blue game balls hit a block
  • He used a reverse reverb trick on the voiceover with a lot of side-chain compression
  • Some of Tim’s favorite games include the Mass Effect series, Pool of Radiance (Commodore 64). He really likes the music on Rymdkapsel (music by Niklas Ström)
  • Tim’s latest EP is called Time Shield available at timshiel.bandcamp.com
  • He is now working on the soundtrack for GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies, a feature-length documentary film and with a project called Telling with Ben Abraham

You can find Tim Shiel on Twitter @timshiel and his website is timshiel.com. You can find Duet at duetgame.com.

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