008 Making My Own Music – The Unity Song

Making My Own MusicModern Day Psalms - My Heart Is FixedIn this episode, I interview Steve Lanciano about producing, composing, arranging, and recording his Christian & Gospel CD “Modern Day Psalms – My Heart Is Fixed” and play a track, The Unity Song (Psalm 133).

I start by announcing that I will occasionally write a text-only blog post on MakingMyOwnMusic.com. I also announce that I launched a new website, MyOnlineSax.com where I can be hired to record a saxophone part for other producers and artists for their recordings.

I read some feedback I received from Pattie in South Carolina.

I then played my interview with Steve Lanciano.

Steve Lanciano’s composition, The Unity Song (Psalm 133), performed by Leah Smith (featuring Caleb Barnaby, Jurysellis Colon, Chris Degonia, Joe Williams, Kevin Jones & Angelica Bonilla) can be purchased from Amazon.com or from cdbaby.com.

Steve’s full project is an audio CD and a book of inspirations. Each track on the CD is inspired by a Psalm of David. Steve funded the project himself, budgeting for the artists and for the duplication.

Steve paid $100 to the artists for each track. He researched and wrote his own contracts which include further payments to the artists for digital downloads and if a song is used on a movie soundtrack.

Steve talked about his process for recording the synthesizers, the vocalists and sax player, as well as recording a special organ. He talked about creating demos with his voice so the vocalists could rehearse, and then recording them.

Steve talked about getting the CD published on cdbaby.com, and then getting on Amazon.com or from and iTunes.

Steve used Digital Performer on the Mac to record the CD. He talked about Logic and how well it does changing rhythms in recorded audio.

Note: You can find some of Steve’s songs and his video work at realitychristianity.net and the YouTube channel.

I then play The Unity Song.

I briefly talked about 4 projects that I want to work on, but they will each take some time to complete.

You can play the podcast using the play button below, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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