009 IVGM – Tom Snively, Peru Theme: Digology

InsideVGM-150In this episode, I talk about one of my game soundtrack songs, the Peru Theme from the upcoming archaeology game Digology from Robo Ra Games.

Next week I am interviewing Gordon McGladdery / A Shell In The Pit about the music from Rogue Legacy. If you have any questions for him, email tom@insidevgm.com or tweet at me on Twitter @TomSnively.

In this episode, I cover the following:

  • In May I wrote three songs and did sound effects for an archaeology game called Digology being developed by Robo Ra Games.Digology
  • In Digology, you are traveling around the world, excavating bones and artifacts for your museum. I wrote a museum theme for orchestra, a Montana theme using Native American instruments, and this Peruvian theme using Peruvian instruments.
  • I did all three songs in Bb major and/or G minor so it would flow smoothly as you change locations in the game. I also used a 4-note motif (G Bb C high G) in all three songs. I demonstrated the motif in the Montana and Museum Themes.
  • I described the chord progression of the song
  • I went through the sounds I used, primarily from Garritan World Instruments, playing a portion of the tracks. They were South American harp, Andean Panpipes, Peruvian Panpipes, Quena and Bombo. I also used the Big Equator Pad synth from Omnisphere.
  • I then played the Peru Theme

The “Digology – Early Development Gameplay Teaser” video:

To vote “yes” for Digology on Steam Greenlight, go to insidevgm.com/digology. You can find Robo Ra Games at RoboRaGames.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/RoboRaGames or Twitter @RoboRaGames.

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