017 Making My Own Music – Disquiet Junto #97 and 98

Making My Own Music

In this episode, I talked about and played two projects that I completed for Marc Weidenbaum’s Disquiet Junto project. I completed #97, Page 99 Remix, and #98, Woven Audio Bio.

I’ve been listening to interviews and podcasts with composers, and I really like Composer Quest with Charlie McCarron. In episode 54 he interviewed Marc Weidenbaum from Disquiet.com. Marc has a weekly project called Disquiet Junto.

I played my composition for Disquiet Junto 97. I then read the rules/guidelines.  I used the book “The War of Art*” by Steven Pressfield. I explained about “resistance” and how the text says “resistance is a bully.”

I played the melody on my alto saxophone. I recorded in stereo with two microphones, and intentionally moved back and forth while playing. I added just a little of long (5 second) reverb on the sax. I added a flute that plays the notes for the word “resistance” in fast notes and a cello that plays the words for “bully” in slow notes. I then play my piece again.

I then played my composition for Disquiet Junto 98. I then read the rules/guidelines.  I used the phrase “I was born in [the Philadelphia suburbs] and I like… I recorded a 100-word essay on cheesesteaks, a 90-word essay on the Philadelphia Eagles, and an 80-word essay about how I like living in the Philadelphia suburbs. I overlapped the three recordings but panned then left, right and center so you can hear each better if you are paying attention to it. I added a melody called Fountain that I played in episode 2 underneath the text.

I am beefing up my personal website, tomsnively.com. I wrote an essay on Philly Cheesesteaks you can find over there.

Send me your feedback by emailing tom@makingmyownmusic.com or calling and leaving a voicemail on 631-213-5023.

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