022 Making My Own Music – Nothing Flower

Cagetones-DidYouSeeTheMoonIn this episode, I interviewed Charlie McCarron, a composer in Minneapolis and the host of the Composer Quest podcast. We talked about his piece The Mystery of Grey Matters and his song Nothing Flower.

In my interview with Charlie McCarron, we talked about the following:

  • The concept of Grey Matters which was released as a Polyalbum
  • This is a concept album that included voice actors which was released on three CDs, called “L,” “R,” and “L+R.” The “L+R” version is the same as when you play “L” and “R” at the same timeMMoM-1400-blue
  • Nothing Flower is a song from the Cagetones album Did You See The Moon? Cagetones is an experimental group that Charlie created with Nick Syman and John Worth.
  • Charlie started with a beat demo, with an electric piano, bass, guitar, and percussion. His friend Jeffrey Schwinghammer made a video of the demo that was uploaded to YouTube.
  • Charlie added an additional keyboard part that used an arpeggiator at different tempos. Charlie and I talked about arpeggiators and how you get random performances that you may never be able to repeat.
  • I then played Nothing Flower.
  • We talked about the different ways to make money from music: film scores, video games, multimedia, commissions, grants, and other notated music for live performances
  • We talked about registering with ASCAP or BMI to receive royalties from performances
  • Charlie talked about receiving grants for creating music. He recommended these links
    NYFA – a large grant database:
    Composers Forum – lots of opportunities, requires membership to view the full listings:
    The Composer’s Site – lots of opportunities:
  • Charlie described his podcast Composer Quest where he interviews composers and others involved in the creative process.
  • The current quest, #7 is to compose music for your Valentine
  • Charlie also mentioned Spintunes Challenge as an external deadline to help him write more music

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