Monthly Archives: March 2012

002 Making My Own Music – Fountain

In this episode, I talk about my composition “Fountain” inspired by the fountain outside the old music building at Penn State. The original Fountain melody was composed for a composition class. This piece was sequenced and recorded for an Electronic Music class the following year. I talk about chord progressions, and I play this piece’s […]

Rue’s Whistle – by Tom Snively

This is my recording of Rue’s Whistle. It was inspired by the 4-note “Mockingjay Call” from the Hunger Games movie trailer. In the book and movie, when the Mockingjay hears a melody, it repeats it back, and then the melody is repeated over and over through the forest. I repeated 4 overlapping birds whistling the melody, […]

001 Making My Own Music – Rue’s Whistle

In this episode, I introduce myself and my musical background, and then talk about my composition “Rue’s Whistle” inspired by the Mockingjay Call from the Hunger Games soundtrack. You can play the podcast using the play button below, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer. Notes from the episode: Fireside […]